(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Feeling of having been affronted
1. resentment, displeasure, animosity, anger, wrath, indignation, exasperation; pique, umbrage, huff, miff, soreness, dudgeon, acerbity, virulence, bitterness, acrimony, asperity, spleen, gall [and wormwood], rankling; ill humor, temper (see irascibility); hate, irritation, bile, choler, ire, fume, dander, ferment, ebullition, pet, tiff, slow burn, passion, fit, tantrum. See malevolence, jealousy, discontent.
2. sullenness, moroseness, sulks, black looks, scowl, chip on one's shoulder, hard feelings.
1. resent, take amiss, take to heart, take offense, take in bad part, fly into a rage, bridle, bristle, flare up; sulk, pout, frown, scowl, simmer, lower, glower, snarl, growl, gnarl, gnash, snap, look daggers, grind one's teeth; chafe, fume, kindle, seethe, boil [with indignation], get one's back or dander up, rage, storm, have a fit, foam [at the mouth], vent one's spleen, take it out on, lose one's temper, quiver with rage; burst with anger. Informal, blow one's top, a fuse, a gasket, or one's stack, take hard, fly off the handle, see red, burn up. Slang, flip one's lid or wig, hit or go through the ceiling or roof, go into orbit.
2. anger, affront, offend, displease, give umbrage, hurt the feelings, treador step on one's toes, insult, fret, ruffle, frazzle, nettle, chafe, wound, incense, inflame, enrage, aggravate, envenom, embitter, exasperate, getone's goat, infuriate, rankle, rub [up] the wrong way, put out of humor, putone's nose out of joint, raise one's dander, make a person's hackles rise, put a person's back up, make one's blood boil, drive one mad. Slang, geta rise out of, piss off, jerk someone around, jerk one's chain, rattle one'scage.
3. have a chip on one's shoulder. Slang, have one's ass in a sling.
1. resentful, offended, sullen; wrought up, worked up, indignant, hurt. Informal, sore, bitchy, on the rag.
2. angry, irate; wrathful, wroth, cross, sulky, bitter, virulent; acrimonious, warm, burning; boiling, fuming, raging; foaming at the mouth; convulsed with rage; in a stew, fierce, wild, rageful, furious, mad with rage, fiery, rabid, savage; flushed with anger, in a huff, in a passion, up in arms, in high dudgeon. Informal, hot under the collar, steamed up, blue in the face, fit to be tied, mad as a hornet or wet hen, on the warpath, teed off, bent out of shape, rigid. Slang, hacked-, pissed-, or cheesed-off, loaded for bear.
Adverbs — resentfully, angrily, etc.; in the heat of passion, in the heat of the moment.
Phrases — anger improves nothing but the arch of a cat's back; a little pot is soon hot; hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Quotations — Envy and wrath shorten the life (Bible), People don't resent having nothing nearly as much as too little (Ivy Compton-Burnett).
Antonyms, see gratitude.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. bitterness, indignation, pique, offense, displeasure, rancor, animus, antagonism, hurt, perturbation, acrimony, acerbity, exacerbation, umbrage, grudge, envy, jealousy, spite, outrage, hostility, ill will, hard feelings, anger, ire, malice, vexation, exasperation, choler, annoyance, irritation, rankling, discontent, gall, bile; see also anger , hate .
Ant. friendship, contentment, delight.
See Synonym Study at offense .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
offense, indignation, displeasure, annoyance, outrage, disgust, umbrage, rancor, bitterness, pique, hard feelings.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. Extreme displeasure caused by an insult or slight: dudgeon, huff, miff, offense, pique, ruffled feathers, umbrage. See LIKE, PAIN. 2. The quality or state of feeling bitter: acrimony, bitterness, embitterment, gall1, rancor, rancorousness, resentfulness, virulence, virulency. See FEELINGS.

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